Mesquite Treatment Center

Intensive Residential Treatment for Adolescents

At our locations, we are proud to provide Intensive Residential Treatment specifically tailored for male and female adolescents. Our program is rooted in scientific research and incorporates proven techniques that significantly enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome. Understanding the unique challenges today’s teens face, our adolescent addiction treatment addresses the specific issues related to prevalent drugs in their age group.

By staying at our residential facility, adolescents receive round-the-clock care and support from our team of experts specializing in youth addiction treatment. Our experienced professionals utilize evidence-based approaches to identify and address the underlying factors contributing to substance abuse. Through individualized therapy sessions, group counseling, and educational programs, we help adolescents understand their addiction better, empowering them to make positive life changes.

Nurturing Growth and Resilience: Equipping Adolescents for a Brighter Future

One of our program’s key strengths lies in identifying situations and triggers that may lead to substance abuse. We work closely with adolescents to identify the environmental, social, and emotional factors contributing to their addictive behaviors. By understanding these triggers, we can develop personalized coping strategies and teach essential skills to help them navigate difficult circumstances without resorting to substance use. This focus on developing healthy coping mechanisms is crucial for a lasting recovery, equipping adolescents with the tools they need to maintain sobriety even after leaving our program.

Additionally, our substance abuse treatment program goes beyond addressing immediate issues and aims to provide a comprehensive foundation for long-term recovery. We prioritize teaching life skills that promote personal growth, resilience, and positive decision-making. Through therapeutic activities, vocational training, educational support, and recreational opportunities, we empower adolescents to develop a sense of purpose and self-confidence, ultimately reducing the risk of relapse and fostering a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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Highly qualified people. Genuine in their desire to be there for the people they serve.

Romeo Garza Jr.

Great bunch of people who care about what they do. Always willing to help out and will give you the extra attention needed.

Ray Sauceda

Excellent staff. Program of integrity. Love of client population. Willing to go the extra mile for the people they serve.

Heath Smith