Mesquite Treatment Center

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Mesquite Treatment Center LLC is an intensive residential program that addresses the needs of adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse disorder. Our methods are comprehensive and individualized. We offer residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs that are customized to individual needs. Our care is built with compassion and care and derived from scientific research and proven techniques that increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. 

At Mesquite Treatment Center LLC, we want to see your child and loved one succeed both at our treatment center and at home. Our programs are designed to promote a sustained, ongoing approach to overcoming substance use, anxiety, depression, and re-engaging in life as a youth and as a family.  

This is the First Step to Recovery

We understand that adolescents are not the only ones touched by the struggles of substance use, we also offer counseling to adults that will focus on mental health, emotional health, and behaviorial issues. We support families through Family Sessions done via video conferencing, and group therapy to better understand how to provide support through your recovery journey. 

Teaching of the Mesquite

The Mesquite Tree is strong, resilient, and unique. Mesquite trees survive in extremely harsh conditions with little to no care. They adapt to their present surroundings to survive and thrive. Mesquite Trees provide shelter and healing.

At times we find ourselves in these conditions and wonder how we will survive. During these difficult times we can learn to adapt, gain strength, and discover the healing powers of the mesquite tree to cure, provide shelter, and connect us to a community that offers hope.

Mesquite Ranch

Our location is built on serene ranch environments and has all the amenities needed for comfort and care that give individuals the best chance of achieving sustainable recovery. It offers supportive and life-changing treatment

What They're Saying

Highly qualified people. Genuine in their desire to be there for the people they serve.

Romeo Garza Jr.

Great bunch of people who care about what they do. Always willing to help out and will give you the extra attention needed.

Ray Sauceda

Excellent staff. Program of integrity. Love of client population. Willing to go the extra mile for the people they serve.

Heath Smith